MAC Repair

MAC computing systems have become more prevalent in today’s workplace. Lighting IT is here to provide you with the fastest and best quality Mac repair services in New York City. Whether you are in graphic design, film or music production, if you’re setting up a desktop network environment it needs to be top notch for an efficient workflow. We’ll provide your company with a full overhaul of your computer network based on your industry and your needs. Of course, if you just need emergency mac repair services we’ll be there at the drop of hat to get you up and running.

Our MAC repair specialists are well versed in past and present Apple technologies.

Are you in this position?

  • Your current IT person cringes at the very idea of servicing a MAC.
  • You call your “web guy” a MAC specialist
  • You have a Windows based computer network that is looking to switch to a OS X platform.

If so, we can provide the following MAC support services:

  • OS X Desktop Support and Training
  • Server Setup/Maintenance
  • Paralles OS Virtualization. (i.e. Running Windows on a Mac)
  • File and Printer Sharing
  • Multi-Media Application Support (FinalCut, LogicPro, AfterEffects)
  • Print Application Support (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark)
  • FileMaker Pro Support/Development with Apple connectivity
  • Cross-Platform Integration with Windows
  • Xserve, Xsan, Xserve RAID Deployment

As more companies begin to utilize Apple computing technologies, they are learning that depending on a MAC repair specialist to fix their computer hardware will reduce problems, cost, and aggravation.

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