Managed IT Services

Your business is only as good as your computer network, that’s why Lightning IT provides some of the most cost efficient managed IT services for businesses large or small. Why hire an IT manager to administrate an undersized staff, when you can have a large scale department of managed IT specialists at your fingertips to service your computer network at only a fraction of the cost.

Managing an IT department is more difficult than most people think. When you’re overseeing your own computer network things can get overwhelming as problems arise for you and your organization. Paying for an in-house IT services staff with benefits to service your computer network can be outrageously expensive for a small or medium sized business, especially in NYC.

The costs of maintaining a full time IT staff is growing as computer solutions are expanding into an ever growing cloud of managed data and software integration solutions.

IT Budget Growth For Businesses 2005 through 2013

*Source: Society for Information Management

Managed IT services can provide you with of all of the functions and stability of a fortune 500 IT department:

  • Full-time supervised IT support.
  • Secure off-site data center.
  • Comprehensive server management.
  • Remote support services.
  • Advanced security systems.
  • A full fledged supervised support team.
  • Disaster recovery services

Lightning managed IT offers flexible pricing options, hourly IT rates and a flat rate weekly or monthly billing option. You can change your plan as your computer network grows to ensure a cost effective outsourcing solution for your business.

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