Your businesses network needs is important and proper server management is crucial. The ideal small business server for your company is the one that meets your networking needs. We have seasoned server administration specialists that will meet with you, review your current network layout, design a plan and quote that meets your needs to create the server infrastructure your company needs to excel to the next level. New York is a competitive market and you have no time to fool around when you’re implementing a solid network infrastructure for your company

Server Management for small and large networks include:

  • Easy to use server navigation structure for users and administrators to access data in a secure directory so productivity does not suffer.
  • Single data hierarchy allows for easier and more reliable data protection and backup.
  • Mobile device connectivity to access server data, such as iphone, Android, Windows Phone, or
  • Remote access via VPN, Remote Desktop (Logmein, VNC) or others depending on the applications and data to be accessed. Remote Support can also be done via these methods.

Other server management services we offer:

Server Installations-Time will be spent to create a network map and get quotes for hardware and software. Server management and support options are available at a discounted rate after server installation.

Server Troubleshooting- Servers that do not receive regular maintenance and updates are much more likely to crash or perform poorly. A server administration specialist will come onsite to repair your server, perform windows updates or recover your data if needed.

Server Maintenance- We schedule and perform monthly server maintenance for our clients. During this time, Microsoft updates are installed, data backups tested, event logs are checked and many other network maintenance tasks are performed.

Contact us now at 877-641-3334 so one of our NYC server management specialist can go over maintenance plans and solutions that you might need for your office setup.